a conversation between two brothers


LETTERS lost then found Book Cover

You are about to eavesdrop on conversations between two brothers, ages 19 and 30, during World War II. Prepare to journey within their family life and experience their frustration, happiness, and sadness. These two brothers have a story to tell.

LETTERS lost then found was designed to engage you in a number of different ways. The letters themselves can be read sequentially from cover to cover, but there are also brief excerpts next to each letter that form a sort of poetic series when read one after the other. Freddie had served in the China Burma India Theatre, often referred to as the war’s forgotten theatre, and the ‘Day in History’ section on each page gives you a glimpse of what was happening in World War II at the time each letter was written. Then a ticker tape, reminiscent of the Western Union Telegram, runs across the bottom of the pages, explaining why the China Burma India Theatre was such an important part of the larger conflict.

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